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O'ring Overview

O'rings are the most commonly used seal worldwide due too the simplicity of the design, it makes for a economical yet very effective sealing solutions. The  sucessful design of the o'ring allows it to seal statically, as well as dynamically but within limits.

There are a few elements to consider when choosing the right o'ring. Such as what fluid and temperature is in contact with the o'ring this comes down to correct material choice next is sizing and lasting its application such as dynamic or static. 

O'Rings are not only used in hydraulic systems; they are used universally in almost all technical fields. They can be used with many media, including aggressive media, at both low temperatures and very high temperatures if an appropriate material is chosen.

Sealnet has the worlds greatest range of o’ring sizes and available in various different materials for a wide range of applications 

Image Profile Reference d (h9) H d (M) D (M) Material Description RRP Sale Price View Cart
ORCD010N70 orcd ORCD010N70 1 N70 O-Ring Cord (per metre) $3.11 $2.02 View Detail
ORCD015N70 orcd ORCD015N70 1.5 N70 $1.57 $1.02 View Detail
ORCD015V orcd ORCD015V 1.5 V $11.41 $7.42 View Detail
ORCD015S60 orcd ORCD015S60 1.5 S60 O-Ring Cord (per metre) $8.58 $5.58 View Detail
ORCD015V75 orcd ORCD015V75 1.5 V O-Ring Cord (per metre) $11.41 $7.42 View Detail
ORCD016V orcd ORCD016V 1.6 V $11.41 $7.42 View Detail
ORCD016N70 orcd ORCD016N70 1.6 N70 O-Ring Cord (per metre) $1.57 $1.02 View Detail
ORCD016V75 orcd ORCD016V75 1.6 V O-Ring Cord (per metre) $11.41 $7.42 View Detail
ORCD017S60 orcd ORCD017S60 1.7 S60 O-Ring Cord (per metre) $10.73 $6.97 View Detail
ORCD017N70 orcd ORCD017N70 1.78 N70 $1.57 $1.02 View Detail
ORCD017V orcd ORCD017V 1.78 V $12.46 $8.10 View Detail
ORCD017EPDM orcd ORCD017EPDM 1.78 EPDM O-Ring Cord (per metre) $15.57 $10.12 View Detail
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