Oz Seals’ new Super Polymer material is believed to be a world first! Exhibiting great flexural strength and modulus of elasticity, Oz Monyt exhibits greater load bearing capabilities than thermoplastic materials currently in the market.

According to Mr Wil Prinz, Manager of Oz Seals Pty Ltd, what makes the new material unique is the reinforcing filler used. Conventional polymer materials are unfilled. Oz Monyt uses specially developed glass fibres, which remain dispersed in the material. Load bearing capability compared to conventional polymers is about three times more.

Oz Monyt contains three lubricants, including molybdenum, making the material ideal for applications of high friction. Oz Monyt continues to exhibit high lubricity throughout its long service life. Not only will Oz Monyt bushes last longer, but the life of the mating pins and shafts are also greatly extended.

Prinz explained that Oz Monyt has been developed for use in low friction, long life bearing applications. Oz Monyt provides the load bearing capabilities greater than white metal and self lubricating characteristics far better than those of ordinary materials.

Oz Monyt is on its own in applications where high loads must be carried with small clearances and in dirty environments, where there is little lubrication. The material also works well in moist and corrosive environments. Oz Monyt exhibits superior dimensional stability and only has minimal swelling (0.8%) in water. This is in contrast to materials like nylon 6 and nylon 66 which tend to absorb up to 9% water of their total weight – with the consequent expansion and softening of the material.

Oz Monyt is easily machined to extremely fine tolerances for use in metal working equipment. The material also exhibits very low creep rates under design loadings of 30 Mpa and has a much higher load capacity than nylon, as this is not affected by water absorption. The thermal expansion of Oz Monyt is less than three times that of bronze. By comparison, conventional nylon can expand 5-10 times.
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