Wipers protect seals and guides from damage as a result of dirt adhering to the rod. The lip of the wiper removes even the finest dirt from the piston rod.  It is important to take note that even if the wipers appear to be in good working condition, dirt wipers should always be replaced when changing seals.

Wipers in this series are fitted in recessed grooves. Both these wipers are made of the standard material, NBR or POLYURETHANE. The dirt wiper is held by the recess and lies flush with the cylinder end cap.  One of the advantages of the wiper is that the lip does not project beyond the cylinder cover so that it is protected from damage.

The wipers of these series are installed in an open seal housing. The steel cage firmly holds the wiper in the housing. The MC wiper is made of a standard material, NBR or POLYURETHANE. Metal case wipers made of polyurethane are particularly resistant to abrasion which allows even the most stubborn dirt to be removed.