+ Main parts produced at TAIWAN production base.

+ Adopt Germany technology, designed by Germany engineer
+ CE certificated, machine produced strictly according to CHINA National standard and CE safety standard.
+ Full production supervised by TAIWAN engineers.
+ High speed, high precision, long using lifespan.
+ “HUMAN” shape column, high rigidity, high stability.
+ 3 axes Rectangle Guideway, fast speed, good rigidity.
+ Overall structure adopted FEA analysis, adopt high class cast iron by heat treatment which can eliminate stress,ensure optimum rigidity,precision and persistence.
+ Counterweight system install rails, so spindle head’s cutting moving or up-down moving is more fast and stable, and Suppress the vibration to ensure accuracy.
+ 3 axes use C3 class precision ball screw, match up nut preloading and screw pre-stretching, pre-eliminate backlash and temperature rising, ensure stable positioning and repeatability
+ Special anti-blast Working Lamp
+ Special Fireproofing Circuit Board and Groove.

Machine Specifications


Worktable Table size mm 800x400
  Table max loading kg 300
  T-slot mm 3-18*100
              Travel                    X/Y/Z axes mm 600/400/450
Dist from spindle nose to Table Surface mm 100-550
Dist from spindle cener to column surface mm 450
S pindle Spindle taper / BT40
Spindle motor power kw 5.5
 Spindle speed range rpm 100-8000
Feeding Axes Cutting feed speed m/min 6
Fast moving speed m/min 16
Ball screw dia. /pitch mm Dia: 32 Pitch:10
Precision Positioning precision mm ±0.008
  Repeated positioning percision mm ±0.005
Tool magazine Tool magazine type / Funnel Type
Tools no.  pcs 12
Max toolshank size mm 120
Others Overall dimension (L*W*H) m 2.1*2*2.2
Weight kg 2700

Machine Parts


Spindle & X/Z axex bearing JAPAN NSK/NTN
Ball screw TAIWAN HIWIN C3 Class
Linear guideway TAIWAN HIWIN P Class
Spindle motor ECO - top CTB
Hydraulic parts ECO top
Hydraulic chuck & cylinder TAIWAN
Hydraulic tool turret TAIWAN
Lubrication oil pump ECO
Main electric parts FRANCE SCHEINER or JAPAN OMRON
Coolant pump ECO top High - Pressure
Working lamp ECO top LED
Travel swtich ECO top
Door class ECP top Armoured glass 



Odoo image and text block

+ SIEMENS 808D CNC system(english)

+ X.Y.Z axes feeding motor&driver :AC servo

+ Spindle:100-8000rpm(TANWAI  high speed spindle unit)

+ 5.5kw Servo motor&servo driver

+ Funnel type tool magazine, 12pcs tools

+ Automatic lubrication,coolant,work lamp,Tri-color alarm lamp,CE safety protection

+ Full closed cover

NOTE : As we are constantly upgrading and improving our machines, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Machines are custom configurable - please enquire for more details.