+ Bed casted by high quality cast iron, high rigidity

+ Guideway hardened by ultrasonic, precisely ground, stick TSF  
+ Gears in headstock was hardened and precisely ground
+ High class spindle bearings and chuck
+ High class ball screw, high precision, accurate transmission
+ Good aseismatic, X/Z axes adopt big power servo motor
+ X/Z axes ball screw connect with motor directly
+ Super wide slide board

Machine Specifications


Max dia. over bed mm Φ160
Max dia. over gap (Opt.) mm Φ1900
Max swing dia. over slide mm Φ1225
Gideway width  mm 700
Max loading weight kg 5000
Max working length  mm 1500/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000/8000/10000/12000
Max machining length  mm 1350/1850/2850/3850/4850/5850/7850/9850/11850
Spindle type / A2-15
Spindle front hole taper  / Metric number 120 
Spindle bore mm Φ105
Spindle speed rpm 5-630rpm, 4 class, stepless in every class, Manual conversion at every class
X axes full travel mm 190
Z axes full travel ( include travel under chuck) mm 450
X/Z axes motor N.m 10/10
X/Z axes moving speed  m/min 20/20
Spindle motor kw 18.5-6/22-6
Center height (from bed/ground) / 800/1450
Tool change time  / Vertical 4T:5.4s, Vertical 6T:3.6s, Horizontal 6T:1.7s
Tool repeat position accuracy /
+/-1.8s(Vertical 4T)
X axes travel  mm 750
Z axes travel mm 1400/1900/2900/3900/4900/5900/7900/9900/11900
Machine percision / IT6/IT7
Machine accuracy / Ra1.6
Tailstock quill dia. travel mm 105/250
Tailstock quill taper mm MT6#
X/Z axes fast moving rate
Toolshank size 
40*40.  Φ40mm
Total power

Machine Parts


Spindle & X/Z axex bearing JAPAN NSK/NTN
Ball screw TAIWAN HIWIN C3 Class
Linear guideway TAIWAN HIWIN P Class
Spindle motor CHIAN - top CTB
Hydraulic parts ECO top
Hydraulic chuck & cylinder TAIWAN
Hydraulic tool turret TAIWAN
Lubrication oil pump ECO
Main electric parts FRANCE SCHEINER or JAPAN OMRON
Coolant pump ECO top High - Pressure
Working lamp ECO top LED
Travel swtich ECO top
Door class ECP top Armoured glass 



Odoo image and text block

+ SIEMENS808D CNC Controller X/Z axes driver&motor: Servo

+ Manual chuck

+ 4 station Tool post

+ Manual Tailstock

NOTE : As we are constantly upgrading and improving our machines, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Machines are custom configurable - please enquire for more details.